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we spend 8 months "dealing with"  junk mail

Take back 8 MONTHS of your life!

Successful people spend time wisely.

  • Be removed from marketing contact lists

  • Continue to access coupons you love

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  • De-clutter your inbox, mailbox, and voicemail

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About The Project

Clutter Buster, a project for the planet and for people, was started by DePauw University Environmental Fellow, current junior, and geo-science major, emmanuel kwakye.  the goal is to build awareness about the environmental impact of junk mail.  this is accomplished through community education.  this increased awareness will help the planet by reducing the burden of junk mail AND help people by reducing the time and energy spent on unsolicited contacts (i.e. junk mail, telemarketers, unwanted e-mails).   by decreasing these unwanted contacts,  Clutter Buster is de-cluttering our planet and our lives, one person at a time.  Enjoy! 

how we do what we do

we don't do anything mysterious.  we simply  spent the time to streamline the process of being removed from so many major marketing contact lists.  of course, you could do this yourself...but most of us don't.  so, we do it for you.  

during the research for this project, it was evident there was a need, and a solution was born.  Clutter Buster is a service to decrease unsolicited mail, e-mail, and calls; reducing the environmental impact and personal impact.  A fee is charged for the service.  A portion of the proceeds is donated to various environmental charities, to fund further education in environmental studies, and to fund administration of this project.


the impact

we measure our impact and you can follow our progress.       The average adult in the US receives 11 pieces of junk mail per week.  Our goal is to put the kibosh on about 230,000 pieces of junk mail this year.  With your help, we can reach our goal

Next steps

A grassroots effort to build awareness, we've started with environmental agencies, public works, and local fire stations (the hub of a town).  clutter buster intends to spread like wildfire (pun intended).  place by place, we'll educate about junk mail and other time drainers and offer solutions to get our planet back and get our time back. systematically, we'll move on to other venues and other towns, spreading the word and offering this chance to save time while saving the planet.

Thank you for your support!


Contact me anytime to learn more.

Did u know...


Carbon footprint of US junk mail equivalent to 480,000 cars

The average person in the US receives 560 pieces a year

44%  of junk mail  goes straight to the landfill  unopened and unread

100 million trees are cut down each year to produce junk mail.


  1. join Clutter Buster

  2. we use our process to get your removed        from marketing lists

  3. get confirmation of removal w/in 1 week

  • basic $8.99  

    • (mail, email, Ntn'l Do Not Call Registry)

  • premium $12.99

    • (basic PLUS Pre-approved Credit Card Offers)


a portion of the proceeds go to various environmental charities

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