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  • Professional Development workshops

  • ​Science and evidence-based

  • Supported by data analytics & AI

  • Customized to your industry, field, role 

  • Tactical, practical, actionable, immediate solutions

  • 2hrs (up to full-day, your choice)

  • Metrics and measured outcomes

  • Hands-on activities

Note: Sessions are not offered as one-offs. Sessions are offered 2 or more to ensure real change via continuity and time to process, practice, apply, reflect, debrief, and implement new techniques over time.

Belonging (formerly DEI)

Belonging impacts how it feels to work and is the root human behavior that influences alignment on teams and within organizations. Dig deeper and go beyond the usual diversity conversation and explore unconventional biases, the roles of empathy and privilege, biological variations that impact how we are perceived and how we perceive others. Learn how to measure and circumvent these natural and common reactions.


Trauma's Impact on Performance

Serious topic presented through upbeat, hands-on activities. Mesmerizing hacks are shared to help enhance performance by better regulating mood, and managing emotions and feelings (such as trauma-based stress many are experiencing now). We know that people who experience trauma “frequently experience cognitive and behavioral symptoms that compromise occupational functioning”. We learn the common, but often overlooked signs of trauma at work, and ways to mitigate the impact.


Work Basics (supercharged)

All of the work basics, but supercharged with templates and hacks used in the most prestigious spaces, and available for everyone. Learn robust negotiating skills, powerful introductions and presentations, navigating and reframing difficult conversations, particularly those with power differentials.



Aligning purpose in your professional and personal life is possible. In 5 steps, begin to uncover and refine your purpose. Explore the value of knowing your purpose, which can extend your lifespan and increase satisfaction and productivity at home and at work.


Group Coaching/Advising

Discover ways to work well together. Team dynamics can feel nebulous, but are made clear through the use of Clifton Strengths and team dynamics. Learn to express who you are, how you work best, and with whom.


Individual Coaching/Advising

Take a deep dive into understanding how to work in your strengths and your flow, using Clifton Strengths. Create easeful work by leaning into your strengths and aligning with those with complimentary strengths. 



Enjoy a second pair of eyes and another lens with a skilled thought partner and sounding board.


Strategic Planning Consultation

Visionary pragmatists benefit from a collaborator who can see the vision, help clarify the vision, organize and identify practical next steps, and convey it all clearly, often in a strategic plan.

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