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DACC is seeking skilled, third-party assistance to deliver

bias and privilege programming


  • fall 2019 in-service

  • and/or a workshop with a smaller audience (2018-19 academic year)

  • duration between 45 minutes up to a full day or more

     (The chosen workshop duration will determine scope, detail, and depth of goal exploration & solutions.)



based on initial needs assessment, immediate goals appear to be:


1. Broaden perspective and awareness regarding how bias, privilege, diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competency influence decisions   that impact the entire college’s retention, recruitment, and development goals


2. Build skills, identify opportunities, strategies, resources, and processes that reduce bias and enhance efficacy of decisions,    communications, and interactions (verbal, non-verbal, and written). For example, strategies for equitable meetings, fair candidate selection, unbiased evaluations and feedback, and avoiding decision fatigue such as with academic advising


3. Become familiar with different tools and techniques used to identify and measure bias



addressing goals through Success Coach’s popular and effective workshop,

The Science of Getting It Right: Bias and Privilege

and its two modules, outlined below.



MODULE 1: Bias and Privilege  (detailed description)


  1. Increase understanding of bias and privilege

  2. Become familiar with strategies to identify and address bias and privilege

  3. Explore the impact of bias and privilege on decisions and empathy


MODULE 2: Proactive Bias Busting  (detailed description)


  1. Define bias and stereotypes and explore the relationship between the two

  2. Increase awareness about the positive and negative impact of biases and stereotypes on diversity

  3. Become familiar with tools to measure bias and techniques to address the impact of bias through simulations with real world application



3 hour workshop for 30 participants as outlined above is $1500

(3 hour workshop @ $400/1 hour / 30 persons, plus $75/hour ground travel @ 4 hrs roundtrip).


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