September 8, 2018


Proposal to Assist in Professional Development for Danville Area Community College (DACC)


Situation Appraisal

Danville Area Community College has taken impressive first steps towards building awareness about bias and privilege, beyond traditional race and gender constraints. Bias and privilege play an important role in decision making and in almost every area of higher education, including, but not limited to retention, development, and recruitment of students, faculty, and staff. Building awareness around these challenges has begun with the in-service in fall of 2018, and there is a desire to continue progress toward additional solutions and skills.


To continue its commitment to growth and development, DACC is seeking skilled, third-party assistance to deliver programming around bias and privilege:


  • likely in the form of a fall 2019 in-service

  • and/or a workshop with a smaller audience during the 2018-19 academic year

  • with a duration between 45 minutes up to a full day or more

(The chosen workshop duration will determine scope, detail, and depth of goal exploration & solutions.)




Based on initial needs assessment, immediate goals may include:


  1. Broaden perspective and awareness regarding how bias, privilege, diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competency influence decisions that impact the entire college’s retention, recruitment, and development goals


  1. Build skills, identify opportunities, strategies, resources, and processes that reduce bias and enhance efficacy of decisions, communications, and interactions (verbal, non-verbal, and written). For example, strategies for equitable meetings, fair candidate selection, unbiased evaluations and feedback, and avoiding decision fatigue such as with academic advising


  1. Become familiar with different tools and techniques used to identify and measure bias






Goals can be addressed through Success Coach’s popular and effective existing workshop,

The Science of Getting It Right: Bias and Privilege

and its two modules, outlined below.


Modules & Objectives

MODULE 1: Bias and Privilege

  1. Increase understanding of bias and privilege

  2. Become familiar with strategies to identify and address bias and privilege

  3. Explore the impact of bias and privilege on decisions and empathy


MODULE 2: Proactive Bias Busting

  1. Define bias and stereotypes and explore the relationship between the two

  2. Increase awareness about the positive and negative impact of biases and stereotypes on diversity

  3. Become familiar with tools to measure bias and techniques to address the impact of bias through simulations with real world application




MODULE 1: Bias and Privilege

  1. The impact of privilege on how we view and treat others and how we assert ourselves in society is explored through an activity of game playing and video excerpts from scientific studies.

  2. Exploration is extended beyond the conventional race and gender paradigm, but addressed at the basic human behavior level


MODULE 2: Proactive Bias Busting

  1. Explore the Harvard based Implicit Association Test and Project Implicit, a study designed to “detect the strength of a person's automatic association between mental representations of objects (concepts) in memory” and to better understand “implicit social cognition - thoughts and feelings outside of conscious awareness and control”.  “Project Implicit translates that academic research into practical applications for addressing diversity, improving decision-making, and increasing the likelihood that practices are aligned with personal and organizational values.”

  2. Attendees are invited to take the IAT and come to share their test experience and/or results. Sharing results or anything that would be uncomfortable is not necessary. Participation is optional.

  3. Attendees participate in decision activities from various professions to hone decision-making skills with reduced bias and create a portfolio of bias busting tools to take with them.



(overall objectives will be met; we reserve the right to modify modules as necessary to fit time, interest  constraints, etc.)

Allow at least 3 hours to accomplish ALL of what is detailed below. Shorter mini-workshops of 45min to 1 hour accomplish a portion of what is detailed below.



Joint Accountabilities

Success Coach, L.L.C. will continue to coordinate and communicate with Carla Boyd, Assistant Dean, Student Services and Chief Diversity Officer, or any other person(s) designated, to ensure project delivery, which will include at the responsibility of DACC, the location, customary guest speaker a/v equipment (mic, laptop, projector, screen, cords, etc.), and customary room set up with tables and chairs. Parties will collaborate to address any unanticipated new needs and redirect our efforts accordingly where possible.

For connecting Success Coach with DACC via Dr. Nacco, President, DACC, we thank and acknowledge Greg Wolfe of Trillium Staffing.




Proposed Date:                     2018-19

Location:       Danville, IL

Workshop: The Science of Getting It Right: Bias and Privilege

Modules: Proactive Bias Busting, Bias and Privilege



Fees and Terms and Conditions

The fee for the service outlined above is $1500 for 30 participants

($400/1 hour workshop @ 3hrs/30 persons, plus $75/hour ground travel @ 4 hrs roundtrip).


10% non-refundable* deposit is due to secure services/date.


Cancellation by Success Coach, L.L.C. and at the fault of Success Coach, L.L.C. results in a 100% refund, including the 10% deposit*.


Reasonable effort to simply reschedule at full fee will be made on the part of both parties (client and consultant) should scheduling conflict or unforeseen circumstances occur. Cancellation without ability to reschedule, due to circumstances beyond either parties’ control (weather, administrative issues, interrupted utilities, fire, venue unavailable, etc.) will be refunded at 100% less 10% deposit, AFTER every reasonable effort to reschedule has been explored. Both parties will make every effort to provide ample notification in the event of cancellation or reschedule and will make every effort to avoid cancellations or rescheduling.


All fees are payable by check (made payable to Success Coach, L.L.C.), phone (317)702-2268, or credit card (contact Success Coach for link).



Just as Success Coach, L.L.C. will safeguard clients’ investment and assets, it is expected that the assets of Success Coach are safeguarded from unauthorized use, sharing, reproduction, or distribution without express written consent, including but not limited to handouts, PowerPoint slides, presentation slides, verbal presentations, audio or video productions, content from the Success Coach website, or any other information owned or uniquely compiled and curated by Success Coach, L.L.C.


The lead facilitator for Success Coach, L.L.C. is Krystal Ardayfio, who may be accompanied by co-facilitators who are subject matter experts.



Service and Pricing Guide for DACC


SERVICE                                                                                                     FEE


Workshops                                                                                     $400/hour*

Workshops (Organizational or Leadership)                                 $2400/hour


e-Learning modules (5 modules) (with workshop)                   $1800/year*

e-Learning modules (5 modules) (without workshop)            $2200/year*

e-Learning modules (5 modules) (custom)                  contact for pricing


Individual Coaching                                                      $150/mo/person

For over a decade, the SMART approach has helped hundreds of clients, yielding desired outcomes. 

  • spans from 3 months to indefinite   

  • 2x/month 45 minute coaching session (phone/skype or local in-person) 

  • 3 to 5 specially curated e-learning modules 

  • Organized in a complete Professional/Personal/Academic Development Plan that includes

    • needs assessments

    • attainable goals

    • measurable progress

    • resources, activities, strategies


Ground Travel                                                                                   $75/hour

Air Travel                  $250/day + ticket, transportation, accommodations




Engaging topic selections attached or at





Services & fees subject to change. Services billed to next half hour. 


*Fees for each 30 participants. Services billed to next 30 person increment.



See website for more info and services